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 On times when our main dms cant run a game....

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PostSubject: On times when our main dms cant run a game....   February 27th 2016, 1:23 am

I am able to run games if people were still interested in playing. My main games would either be Dnd book adventures (would be other than dragon queen series if people were interested), or I can run a Ryuutama campaign (either sandbox or with a story going on).

Ryuutama, I can run in different ways depending on what people want in the game. The most common and general comparison to a "standard" Ryuutama game is a "Hayao Miyazaki version of the Oregon Trail game". Your actually not playing the 1% of the population that is common in Dnd, but the other 99%. The hunter, a healer, a merchant, an artisan, etc. The basic premise is that once in a human's lifetime they get the urge to go on a journey. This can happen at any time or age (usually when old enough to safely travel). A group forms and travels around experiencing the world(s). Its easy to learn, but can be challenging depending on the situation.

If your curious you can purchase the pdf from drive thru rpg:
I do have a pdf myself but I wont post the link in the topic.
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On times when our main dms cant run a game....
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