Consequences of War

A record of our adventure
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 Hanbei's Plans after the things that happened.

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PostSubject: Hanbei's Plans after the things that happened.   January 10th 2015, 9:01 pm

Hanbei is disappointed in himself, and feels that his most recent performance was not up to par with his past prowess. Back in the day, an insurrection like this would have been foiled and dispatched with ease, but now he is fighting on the front lines, barely holding his own let alone protecting his people.

After analysis, Hanbei has concluded that the root of his perceived failures is that he lacks the structure he had in Rohen. Before, he was able to keep to a routine of intelligence gathering and planning. His current resources and condition however leave much to be desired of what he once had access to. To remedy this, he explores all avenues of regaining a strong base of power, as now more than ever will he need a reliable force.

With this newfound determination, he advises Berek to solidify this team of his, while he goes off to better himself. He heads to the nearest major city (probably Neverwinter) to research new spells. Making sure he himself is prepared for the threat ahead is the only way he feels he can start getting everyone ready. He sets off in pursuit of new knowledge (and leveling up his character sheet), with only a cryptic saying as his parting words:

"A chessmaster with no pieces on the board has already lost the game."

(So I wont be in session tomorrow, as it is my girlfriend's 21st birthday. Hope you all have fun, and this would explain my characters absence.

Harold, I would like to purchase spells in Neverwinter, I will be making a list of the ones I am thinking of. Let me know if there are any spells of 3rd level or lower that are definitely unavailable.)
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PostSubject: Re: Hanbei's Plans after the things that happened.   January 11th 2015, 6:11 am

This is fine... But Neverwinter is 5 days on horse back each way. The story will resume on the third of those ten days.
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Hanbei's Plans after the things that happened.
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