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 Episode 3: The Search for Shiall - Session 1

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PostSubject: Episode 3: The Search for Shiall - Session 1   January 12th 2015, 2:36 pm

Greeting Iron Suns!

During this session Ulric was elected Town Master of Phandalin. He left Sildar Hallwinter in charge as you all, minus Robin, headed off to find the soul of Shaill.

While on the way to a Drow stronghold you were attached by 4 large Phase Spiders! After finding the entrance to the Drow stronghold you were ambushed by 6 Death Dogs. Their poisonous bites took a chunk out of the party! You then traveled 4.5 miles through underground tunnels to a point about 2 miles below the surface. You found yourselves in a large gathering all toe to toe with a Drow raiding party 15 strong. A few DARK spells of 2 and they were vanquished, as were two lonely stock clerks. You stand poised at the end of a hallway that ends with two door and a set of double doors. Purple light and light chanting comes from under the double doors.

Treasure: 3 x Potion of Healing, 1 Scroll of Magic Mouth (lvl 2 Bard), 5 items worth 25gp each (a small mirror, 3 sets of engraved bone dice, and a small gold bracelet. 10ep, 20gp.

Experience: (For everyone except Hanbei!)  321xp each PC for the Drow Raiding Party, 257xp each PC for the death dogs, 13xp for each PC for the storage clerks, 400xp for each PC for the Phase Spiders.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 3: The Search for Shiall - Session 1   January 12th 2015, 9:20 pm

Heh "Dark"; like that twist for those darkness spells.
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Episode 3: The Search for Shiall - Session 1
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