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 Valena Everspark's Full Backstory

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PostSubject: Valena Everspark's Full Backstory   Valena Everspark's Full Backstory I_icon_minitimeFebruary 27th 2015, 12:29 pm

Valena Everspark is the daughter of Queen Everspark of Everkeep in Thousand Isles. She was called, Shadow Warrior, an expert assasin that shows no mercy. She had constant nightmares of the many innocent souls she ended, including elderly and younglings. She didn't want her wizard brother to return to the family after his years of banishment. He had disrespected the family and was earning the family name back when he plunged three innocent souls into the dungeon of insanity. They were Grey Moonshadow, Beiro Shillistone, and Adran Shillistone. When leading him to Everkeep she told him about the shadow warrior, her nightmares, and their somewhat evil mother. He agreed with her and decided to disrespect the family once more. He jumped into the dungeon of insanity to rescue those he had so selfishly harmed.

Valena returned to Everkeep and tossed her shadow warrior dagger into the ocean. Then she noticed ships prepared for war approaching. They fired and the royal chamber in which she was currently, dressed in a blue silk nightgown, collapsed and she was thrown into the ocean unconscious. The waves pushed her to the shores and she was still able to breath though unconscious. A man named Arkenstone Willowthrip, the oracle, was searching the beach for her when he spotted her limped form prone in the waves. He was sent by his father, the previous oracle, to save Grey and the others from the dungeon and Valena from the Pirates attack. He dragged her to a campfire and warmed her up. She was still unconscious when her mother arrived looking for her herself. Ark said that her found her and pointed to the camp but Valena was gone. She ordered ark to find her by dawn and to return her. He found Valena hiding in a crevice, dagger unsheathed and prepared to use. Ark calmed her down and they came to an deal in which she was to bring ark to the dungeon of insanity to rescue her brother and the others there.

In the dungeon, grey was corrupted after a battle with willuis and was fighting against the others. Beiro had made an expert shot and created a way across a chasm to the exit doors. Adran saved willuis from falling down the chasm after battling with him as well. When they got to the exit grey and his brother Crystalis were waiting to kill them. Crystalis left the scene leaving grey to kill his new friends. Valena and ark dropped into the room as soon as battle started and quickly poured an antidote into grey, curing him of the corruption. After that grey explained the Moonshadow War, as it became to be known as, and that his brother must be stopped at all costs. They spent days training and forming an alliance between Sile, Gaurdian Gates, and Everkeep. They matched to a beach with inactive volcanoes and a nearby forest. They arrived to find Crystalis had an army of pirates.

The battLet went horribly. Valena was on the losing side. Crystalis captured grey and chained him to a pole for all to see. The battle froze. All eyes on grey and his brother. Crystalis gave an insane speech and "obliterated" grey. The war ended there.

Valena was part of the new army and assisted in the new war. Grey was eventually found adaptive and saved. Valena and Beiro fell in love and left to cure her sins. When she returned the final fight took place. Grey won. Her and Beiro got married and then the friends left to explore the other lands. She was then teleported to a new realm and that is where we are now.
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Valena Everspark's Full Backstory
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