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 Alaine of the Doomguides: Part 1

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Alaine Doomguide

Alaine Doomguide

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Alaine of the Doomguides: Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: Alaine of the Doomguides: Part 1   Alaine of the Doomguides: Part 1 I_icon_minitimeMarch 11th 2015, 5:02 pm

Alaine was once an urchin in the city of Ormpetarr, an orphan who made her life of stealing from those venturing on scar pilgrimages and traders who went through the city along the Golden Road. She lived a quiet life, before she and her gang accidently killed a rich mark who struggled to get away. Frantic to evade the multiple militias which oversaw the city, she ran to the outskirts, and threw herself at a statue in the base of Kelemvor's statue at the front of His temple for sanctuary.

Almost instantly, a surge of energy flowed through the girl's body before she blacked out. As she awoke, she found herself in a sort of office, with walls made of smoky quartz. Behind the table she saw a hooded man, writing in a rather large book with a white gloved hand. A scythe, covered in dust, lay on the floor beside him. A disembodied voice spoke to the girl.

"I see that you have come to my master for aid, child." The figure did not look up from his book.

I was just scared. I didn't know mean to kill that girl, I didn't mean to ask for aid, I just wanted to find a place where no one would harm me.Replied the girl, as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Tut, tut. You think I care about your troubles? If anything, I am grateful you have sent one more death to me as a gift. And if you are looking for a place no one will harm you, that is not to be found in your own world. Of course, you are welcome here." The white glove gestured to the smoky walls.

"Where am I?"

"My lord's Crystal Spire, of course."

"What? I dead?"

"No, but that can be arranged. You are here simply so I can tell you one thing. You belong to my master now, mind, body, and soul. Do not try to leave the temple without his guidance nor cross him. You are his servant now, and you will behave as such. You will use his power to spread his name and beliefs (he winces at this) across the realm."

"But...but I didn't want this!

At this the god stands up, whipping up his scythe and facing the girl. His hood falls back, revealing a skeleton head, but one without the usual grin. It holds a look of anger. "Then you should not have prayed on his doorstep for assistance!"   He waves his hand, and the spire begins to fade before Alaine's eye. "By the way, you owe me a favor for my intervention as well. The guards will no longer bother you."

Alaine awoke on the cold stone of the temple floors, surrounded by monks. There was not a single caring or concerned face among them.
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Alaine of the Doomguides: Part 1
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